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GOODSOURCE is a professional development, development, production of liquid crystal display and liquid crystal display module of high-tech enterprises. The company set up over the years, with excellent quality, preferential prices, fast delivery speed products will be quickly pushed to domestic and foreign markets, and become well-known brands at home and abroad business partners. With the rapid development of the electronics industry, in order to continuously meet the needs of different levels of domestic and foreign customers, Jia Jinyuan Electronics will continue to draw the world's most advanced LCD technology, the introduction of the world's most advanced production lines, according to customer needs to provide a variety of standards and Standard TN, HTN, STN, FSTN, VA, BLACKMASK liquid crystal display and COB, COG, COF, TAB liquid crystal display module. The Division is good at car audio. Small household electrical appliances display (BLACKMASK, VA) development, design, production.


Products are widely used in:
Consumer electronics: electronic dictionary, early education machine, translator, remote control, electronic weighing, digital photo frame, and so on.
Communication products: cordless phones, fax machines, walkie - talkie and so on.
Electrical products: household appliances, DVD, CD, MP3, MP4, and other audio-visual equipment.
Instrument products: industrial equipment, instruments, sports equipment, monitors, medical equipment, and so on.
Automotive products: GPS navigation, reversing radar, car anti-theft locks, car audio and so on.


GOODSOURCE adhering to the "credibility of the first, the quality of the best" business principles and dedication to the broad masses of customers mutually beneficial cooperation, and strive to go hand in hand in the new century and common development!

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